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How do I calculate how many solar panels I need for my house?

Thanks to the new regulation regarding the sun tax, individuals are taking the opportunity to start using solar energy in their homes. In addition to contributing to the protection of the environment, it is profitable in the long term and allows us to save on our electricity bill, which raises questions such as:

How many panels do I need for my house?

How many panels do I need for my house?

What happens when there are no daylight hours?

How should my roof be when installing solar panels?

In the following post we solve all your doubts so that you know what aspects to evaluate before installing a residential self-consumption system and therefore specify how many panels you would need for a photovoltaic installation.How do I calculate how many solar panels I need for my house? you can also calculate your power need with Renogy solar power calculators Tool, which is wonderful online energy calculating tool.

Discover those factors to take into account to know how many panels you need in your house:

The most suitable system depends on the energy consumption of your home, its monthly use throughout the year, the surface area you have available for the installation of the PV modules, the distribution of the 24-hour consumption profile and the tariffs contracted with the electricity company.

1) The energy consumption of your home. Determine how much energy we need.

This is one of the most important factors to know how many solar panels we will need in our photovoltaic installation.

The annual consumption and the monthly use allows to obtain the consumption distributed by months. A day without consumption does not allow to take advantage of the energy of a direct self-consumption without batteries.

2) The surface you have available for the installation of the PV modules

The space in the building and its orientation determine the maximum number of PV modules that can be installed. This is usually the factor that determines the power to be installed.

What does my roof or rv,van need to be like to installing solar panels?

The PV power that can be installed on a well oriented roof (with a coplanar structure) is about 150Wp/m2. On a flat roof with a structure to give inclination to the panels we can consider about 80Wp/m2.

The two standard panel formats are 72 cells: 2x1m/320Wp, and 60 cells: 1.6x1m/280Wp. It is usually easier to take advantage of roof space with the smaller module.

3) Consumption profile

The best performance of the installation is obtained when the consumptions occur during the hours of PV generation. Thus, a swimming pool purifier programmed to operate during the night would not be able to take advantage of the energy from self-consumption without batteries. On the other hand, operating in the central hours of the day, it would take advantage of it almost 100%.

*The specifications of this point may change depending on the user's needs.

4) Tariffs contracted with the electricity company

It is recommended to contract a tariff with hourly discrimination, formerly called the night tariff. This tariff consists of dividing the day into two periods.

A schedule with a higher price (day) and a schedule with a cheaper price (night). In this way, during the day the solar kWh would be used to a large extent, while at night the reduced price of the tariff would be used.

The schedules of these periods also vary depending on the time of year (summer and winter).

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