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Oxford Skills World: Level 2: Listening With Speaking Student Book Workbook Download Ebook gardreih




Learn a wide variety of languages in your own time and at your own pace. Deliver results that are second to none. Engage with a range of intelligent native speakers and help students build confident language skills. Develop a worldwide network of language lovers. Skills World is about improving your listening, speaking, and grammar skills and learning how to communicate in a variety of social situations. You will learn in pairs and work through a variety of exercises to improve your speaking, listening, and written skills, while also learning important survival skills for business and personal life. Skills World helps you to: Understand how to talk to new people Understand how to use your voice effectively Get to know a language through its grammar Speak fluently and confidently to a range of people Become a more knowledgeable person in your field The Student Book and Workbook contain the most useful language materials. Read, listen, speak and write phrases that you can use at the end of each session and beyond. Help to develop your own phrase bank as you practise all the skills Prepare for further language learning with a full range of self-study materials Can also be used as a paired skills course. The Student Book The Student Book contains phrase lists, a full range of exercises and grammar lessons. The phrase lists are organised into the following sections: How to speak to a group How to address people How to talk to your friends and family How to talk about yourself How to deal with rude people How to ask people to help you How to ask for advice How to ask for help How to negotiate a price How to prepare a meal How to take an elevator How to use the toilet How to walk home How to address a bus driver How to ask for directions How to get on a bus How to talk about the weather How to ask for the time How to ask a person’s age How to introduce yourself How to ask questions



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Oxford Skills World: Level 2: Listening With Speaking Student Book Workbook Download Ebook gardreih
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