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Alumni & Friends





If you do not already receive our yearly Fall BCM Newsletter, we would love for you to receive that and just stay connected with what's going on in our ministry. Email us at to give us your current contact information and we will make sure you stay up-to-date. Also, download our current newsletter under our Alumni Newsletter section.









You yourself have experienced the intense, fun, and stressful college years! Please be in prayer for students in general as they navigate this time in their life. Pray for the BCM’s ministry, our student leaders, and our campus. Pray for students who will go on mission trips and the life-changing impact that will have on their life, and pray that the BCM will continue to have a meaningful impact in sharing the gospel on campus.








Give ​


Would you consider supporting the ministry of the BCM financially? Donations are especially always needed for missions opportunities, large campus outreach projects,and projects to improve and update our BCM ministry facility. All donations are considered tax charitable contributions. We consider you, our BCM alumni, as some of our most valuable ministry partners. We appreciate the way you give back!



You’re welcome to visit our building anytime. We hope that you will be able to make a visit soon and just see some of the new changes on campus- new resident halls, new Maynard Math and Computer Science Building, and a new Govs Football stadium. If you are local, we host Noonday, a $2 lunch that goes towards missions every Wednesday and would love to see you there!









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