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Jesus called us to make disciples of ALL nations, so we extend our discipleship outside of the four walls of the BCM to our Campus, our Community, our Country, and the World!
At the BCM we are very missions-minded, and we encourage all APSU BCM students to serve in missions. As followers of Christ, we are to be on mission for God every day. Our locations and opportunities will vary from year to year, but we encourage our students to do their part in carrying out the Great Commission. We love to work with local churches and ministries and also give our students international opportunites. 


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Maddie Roby - JUNIOR

"To me missions is an intentional act to spread the word of God to seek out non believers and tell them about Jesus and to also encourage other believers to do the same, Whether it be in your home town or halfway around the world, each missions is important because it advances the kingdom of God. New York was eye opening for me. It broke my heat to see the amount of lost people in that community, but it also made me that much more excited to spread the Word to reach those that may not know about Jesus.

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Josiah Baker - JUNIOR

"The impact that BCM missions have had on my life could be described better in a book. They have affirmed callings, grown me as a servant-leader, and taught me more about what each day should look like as a follower of the LORD Jesus Christ. I have seen the Spirit move in me, the teams I’m serving with, and the people we are sharing the Love and Gospel of Jesus Christ with. The BCM and the missions I have taken part in with them have taught me things and taken me places that are worth far more than the degree that brought me to APSU. It has been an answer to prayer and a catalyst for growth and change in my life."


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SendTN is a program through the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board (TBMB) that provides opportunities for college students to serve on missions both nationally and internationally. The locations for these trips have included Tennessee, Maine, Germany, and South Korea.


For more information about SendTN, click here.

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GenSend is missions program through North American Mission Board (NAMB) that sends summer missionaries to work with church planters throughout North America. We have had students travel to New York, Denver, and Toronto.


For more information about GenSend, click here.

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Nehemiah Teams is a program through the International Mission Board (IMB) that sends college-age students to serve nationally and internationally for 8 weeks. This organization covers different countries from all over the world including Asia, Europe, and Africa.


For more information about Nehemiah Teams, click here.

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