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Family Groups

Family groups are student led small group Bible studies that meet weekly in different locations on campus, share meals together, and particpate in mission projects together.  To join a family group please stop by the BCM for more information or show up to the group that you want to be a part of.

Brookelyn & Nora

Monday at 2:30pm in the Foy Lobby (upstairs)



Ben, Aaron, & Jacob

Thursday at 2:30pm in Einstein's



Danielle & Autumn

Friday at 1:30pm in the Library



Meagan, Lindsday, & Wendy

Monday at 12:15pm in the UC



Amber & Savannah

Tuesday at 5:30pm upstairs in the UC 



Kaleb & Trey
Tuesday at 5:30pm outside of Einstein's (guys only)



Leah & Mallori

Tuesday 7:00pm in the BCM



Ashlyn & Kara

Thursday at 5pm in the Library

Lauren & Kerstin

Mondays at 11:30am in the Library (meet in the lobby)



Heather & Bethany

Mondays at 7:30pm in Sevier Lobby 



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